Do You List Your Monthly Writing Accomplishments?

So summer has hit and my blogging productivity has suffered.

The good news is my writing hasn’t! I’m currently querying Visions, having finished yet another revision in June.

AND I just sent Streetlight to my awesome Critique Partners for a beta read after a major revision, also finished in June. I thought these two tasks alone would take me entire summer. So June has been a productive month writing wise!

Which brings me to my question – Do you list your monthly writing accomplishments?

I’m extremely lucky to have a writing mentor, Tanis Galik, who’s not only an excellent playwright; she’s also a published crochet book author/designer. If you’re into crochet, check out her free designs and what else she’s up to at

For the past three years, Tanis and I have met twice a month to go over our writing goals. We find that being accountable to each other makes us way more productive because we want to report back to each other that we achieved that word count or blogged for however many times we said we would or queried that many agents. But even though we were working our tails off, we always felt behind.

Tanis came up with the idea of focusing more on our monthly accomplishments. So starting last January, we began to seriously list our monthly accomplishments along with our goals.

Wow! What a difference. Instead of feeling behind all the time we can actually see, on paper, what we’ve done with our time. And it’s always a lot!

The magic of listing your monthly accomplishments is the feeling of success and confidence instead of feeling like you’re toiling and toiling but never getting anywhere. Because there’s always more to do, right? But celebrating what you’ve done gives you a whole new mindset.

I find that listing my goals on paper – usually in my planner – works best for me. I like to be able to see my list often, several times a week. I check off each completed goal and transfer these to my Accomplishments page. You can do this in a notebook, in your planner, on the computer – whatever works for you.

I challenge you to try this for a month or two and see if you feel a difference in your productivity and confidence. See if it works for you!

Happy Writing!