About Tanya

Thank you for visiting my blog! Here’s a little bit about me.

My passion is inspiring people to discover their gifts and talents. My stories always revolve around a heroine’s gift or talent and how she either has to figure out how to use it, or how to use it to get through a tough situation.

Too many times people have told me they don’t have any talents. Simply not true. Every single person has many talents to choose from. I believe a happy life is spent in pursuit of your dreams using your talents and gifts that are meant to be shared with others. Nobody is without gifts. Nobody is without something to offer the world.

Current Writing Projects:


The only things more rugged than the Grand Teton Mountains in Wyoming are the cowboys. The Tetons hide seventeen-year-old Chloe Matthews from her psycho ex. The cowboys are off-limits. Chloe is done with guys. Like hell is she ever going to let anyone hurt her again.

All that matters now are the horses. Chloe has a way with them and needs to drum up horse-training business to help make ends meet along with her mom’s new business venture, Cowboy Coffee. Town golden boy, Jack Hunter, already has most of the horse business and needs it to keep his dad’s dude ranch open. The last thing he wants is a SoCal wannabe trying to edge in on his turf. Hostility burns when fate forces Chloe and Jack to work together, both on the dude ranch and at the coffee house.

When an abused horse needs a safe haven, Chloe has no choice but to accept a bargain from Jack. She teaches him her training methods in exchange for a hidden pasture on his ranch. Working so close to the arrogant, flirtatious cowboy is Chloe’s worst nightmare, until she learns her ex is out of jail and hell-bent on finding her.


Sixteen-year-old Bailey Tucker lives in the Rocky Mountains where she’s always idolized the Southern Ute Indians. She has the gift of visions – a newly discovered family inheritance that connects her with the ways of the Utes. Bailey welcomes the gift that could help her realize a life-long dream of making police profiler, until she has a recurring vision of an unknown dead person with long black hair.

To make matters worse, the person could be any one of the hundreds of Southern Utes living in Durango, Colorado – including Bailey’s best friend. It could also be the frustrating Kai Chiwaten, who she can’t keep out of her mind or her dreams. Bailey’s recurring vision of a shared passionate kiss with Kai doesn’t make any sense because Kai believes tribal members should only date and marry within the tribe. Just when Bailey feels she’s finally making a dent in Kai’s armor, she’s called in to help investigate the murder of a Southern Ute.

The crime scene and the vision of the dead Ute collide, and Bailey’s dream of being accepted by the Ute community – and Kai – is shattered in an instant.


Fifteen-year-old Logan Welker is hunted.

Turns out showing her brother’s football buddies that she can turn off the streetlights with her mind was a very bad decision. Now strangers are turning up at every corner. Strangers who seem to be tracking Logan’s every move – and who know more about her ability than she does. Particularly the charismatic new guy at school, Damian.

Damian tells Logan he knows someone who wants to help her – teach her, take her under his wing. But Logan’s heard of a man named Finley who strips people of their abilities, leaving them with no recollection of themselves or their past. Logan fears Finley is behind the strangers watching her. She fears Damian may be working with Finley and planning to steal her ability for his own use.

Lights flickering off and on are now the least of Logan’s worries. The power outages, electrical storms and tornadoes she causes place a target squarely on her back – and a betrayal delivers her straight to Finley. Logan’s strength and will to survive are severely tested. If she doesn’t master her ability, she’ll lose herself and her memories forever.

I can be reached at jt4spencer@yahoo.com.


2 thoughts on “About Tanya

  1. I like you and your blog. You helped me a lot by inspiring me to pursue my dream. I am a busy schoolgirl but I learned that I can still be a young writer. I would appreciate it if you can give my blog a visit. Thanks!

  2. Hi Fay! Thanks for stopping by. I checked out your blog and was very impressed. It’s beautiful! You’re never too young (or too old) to write. You’re obviously a very ambitious girl – you’ll probably take the world by storm. Just keep writing and learning everything you can. 🙂

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