Durango, Colorado Vacation – With Pictures!

Welcome to Durango!

I’m in the middle of a ten day vacation in Durango, Colorado – one of my favorite places in the world – AND the setting for my novel,


On my first visit to Durango, I knew a story had to happen here. In the past three years, Visions has come into being and every time I’m here I feel my characters running around the streets, playing in the lake, in the river and sipping chai at Magpies.

Beautiful Downtown Durango

It’s been a wonderful vacation so far with lots of hikes, kayaking, some thunder

storms and much needed rain. I wish I could post the forest scent for you because it’s amazing. The only thing I can do is breathe it in and smell it for you! I can share some pictures though.  

Another good thing is two of my awesome critique partners finished their beta read of Streetlight! Apparently the second half rocks! I’m not sure what that means for the first half but my girls will let me

Lake my characters play in, and I actually kayaked in this week!

know when their full critiques come in. Have I mentioned how much I love my critique partners? I don’t know what I’d do without them.

 I hope you enjoy these pictures of beautiful Durango, and I hope your summer is going well.

   Happy Writing!

Mapgies patio – where my characters hang out

Magpies magazine wing – huge!

Me about to sip chai on the Magpies patio where so much happens . . .

The Animas River where my characters raft, play, almost die, redeem themselves . . .

Forest leading up to the red rock mesas – where my characters ride horseback

The Palace Restaurant where a romantic dinner takes place . . .

The Durango Police begin the July 4th parade – in the vehicle main character, Bailey, rides in for ride-alongs

Some of our vets – THANK YOU!

Vintage Challenger – very cool and sounded great! I’m a Mustang girl, but this car was beautiful.

Shameless Mustang plug – my 1965 coupe, Reba. Love her!