Hurricane Sandy Relief and the Writing Community

I’m so proud to be part of such a wonderful, giving group as the writing community! Hurricane Sandy not only ravaged the east coast, but also greatly impacted one of my awesome critique partners, Jeannie Anaya. While she and her family are okay, her house was flooded and she says it’s like apocalypse central where she lives.

I’ve been sitting here on the west coast trying to figure out how I can help. And then I see on Twitter TWO writers who are having auctions for the relief of the Sandy victims:

Kate Messner


Jen Malone

Check them out! They have many, many awesome auction items, including query critiques, manuscript critiques, ARCs, etc.

Bid and be generous! And if you try to out-bid me, well, I guess Sandy Relief will benefit!

May the victims of Sandy know that our thoughts, hearts and prayers are with you, and that we’re looking for ways to help and support you.

Happy Writing!


Best Thing I Ever Did – Turn Off the Ding

I’ve written before about my email checking addiction. I thought I had it under control. But I was wrong. My constant phone/computer checking was making me crazy, jittery, unfocused.

Because, really, EVERY time the phone dinged, I HAD to check it. There was no option. I felt like Pavlov’s dog – no joke.

Well, in reality, it could’ve been an agent getting back to me. Or one of my critique partners. But what did I think was going to happen? That the email would somehow disappear or jump out of my inbox?

Then one day I woke up and decided to see how the day would go if I silenced the email notification on my phone.

You know – that ding that sounds every time you get a new email.

After the first hour of no dings, I was HOOKED. I’d had a breakthrough! The silence was WONDERFUL! And I was still receiving emails. And none of them disappeared.

It’s been about a month now and I’m much more focused. My rewriting and editing is no longer interrupted every few seconds – amazing what you can accomplish when you can focus on a task. I can hold a conversation without getting distracted. I can watch a football game without jumping up and missing a play. My kids have my full attention (usually) when they’re talking to me. And my husband no longer thinks I’m crazy (well, too crazy, anyway).

So if you’re feeling a bit frazzled but you can’t figure out why, I’d suggest turning off your ding for a while and seeing how it works for you.

Happy Writing!